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Pattern Making Notes by Don McCunn

Table of Contents

These notes supplement the information found in How to Make Sewing Patterns, How to Make Custom-Fit Bras & Lingerie, and my Pattern Design Guides. They are organized under general topics with some Notes shown under more than one topic.

Updates to the book How to Make Sewing Patterns
Using Gingham & the Woman's Front Sloper
Adjusting the Sleevecap & Armscye
Pants Fitting Issues
DIY Fitting

Bra Slopers & Variations
Bra Issues
Acquiring Underwires for Bras and Corsets
The Concept of the Bust Sling Bra
Nursing Bras: A Bust Sling Bra Variation

Lower Torso Slopers (aka Skirts)
Sway Back Postures
Custom-Fit Contoured Waistbands
Creating a Pattern for an Elliptical Skirt

Pants Slopers
Pants Fitting Issues
Sway Back Postures

Sleeve Slopers
Adjusting the Sleevecap & Armscye
The Reason for Sleevecap Ease

Swimsuit and Lingerie Edge Finishes
Heat Sink Cord Finishing

Sewing Basics
Swimsuit and Lingerie Edge Finishes
Sewing a Rolled Hem
Cutting Synthetic Fabric with a Hot Knife

Free Hat and Cap Patterns and Sewing Instructions
Chemo Cap Patterns and Instructions
Red Hat Pattern and Instructions

Creating Costumes
Quorra's Costume from Disney's TRON: Legacy
A Pixie Halloween Costume
Minnie Van Costume

Historic Patterns
Classic Patternmaking Instructions for Jodhpurs

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